Dienstag, Oktober 21, 2014

Prague, Czech , Strahov Stadium | 2001-06-12

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Montag, Oktober 20, 2014

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Mittwoch, Oktober 15, 2014

Tigers by: Maxime Riendeau


Tigers by: Maxime Riendeau

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Tiger Sumatra Face | WF

I got these today. There are like 80 posters what the fuck Sparzanza, I said I can take few to spread near Joensuu, not 80!!! :D Oh god this is going to be fun. Well I already put up 11 around Sotkamo and I plan to go Iisalmi and Kuopio and then to Jonesuu to put these up so maybe I can get all the 80 to somewhere… :D

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Dienstag, Oktober 14, 2014
Montag, Oktober 13, 2014


Goddamn I love this photoshoot

Sonntag, Oktober 12, 2014

I would actually like to drink my own alcohol for a change… Just yesterday I bought myself a middle sized Jägermeister bottle. And then my dad comes to my room like: “Is that Jägermeister yours? I buy it from you.” And I’m like in my mind “Goddammind I just fucking bought it yesterday not again!” But in the end I just told him to buy me a new one tomorrow…

This is the fucking third time this happened! I buy myself a jägermeister bottle thinking it will last a few weeks and I can take shots whenever I like. And then dad comes and wants to buy it and drink it all at the same day… Whyyyyyy. I probably should have just drank it right away and be drunk at home and vomit the next day, but at least I would have been the one to drink my own jägermeister…. I suck at drinking alcohol.


Artist: Abbott handerson ThayerTitle: Tiger’s HeadDate: ca. 1874Medium: Oil on CanvasSize: 27 x 22 In.Source: Smithsonian American Art Museum


Artist: Abbott handerson Thayer
Title: Tiger’s Head
Date: ca. 1874
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 27 x 22 In.
Source: Smithsonian American Art Museum